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Open Fields 2024: Symbiotic Sense(s)

RIXC Art Science Festival 2024 and Open Fields Conference 
October 23–25, 2024, Riga, Latvia (Hybrid / Virtual)

Venues: National Library of Latvia / RIXC Gallery / Virtual

CALL for the 7th Open Fields Conference 2024 proposals is OPEN!
Deadline for submissions – August 30, 2024.

APPLY NOW! Please send your submissions (short abstract, keywords and bio) via the OpenConf system online (find the 'Make Submission' link below the description)!

The Open Fields conference is the RIXC's festival based gathering bringing together international scholars and artists to discuss topics related to artistic research, the changing role of art in societies, and art and science collaboration.

This year's RIXC Art Science festival and conference with the title Symbiotic Sense(s) will take place from October 23–25, 2024, in Riga, Latvia, exploring art, technology, and collective intelligence from the perspective of sensual perception and extended cognition. The Symbiotic Sense(s) festival, positioned at the intersection of symbiotic art aesthetics and visionary scientific paradigms, aims to embrace symbiotic thinking, inspiring cultural conversations on collaboration and fostering collective action towards a more symbiotic future. 

The festival will take place in Riga and virtually, including the exhibition opening program (October 23, 2024) and the international conference event (October 23–25, 2024). Exhibition will be open from October 23 until December 7, 2024 at the National Library of Latvia.

October 23–25, 2024
Riga (Hybrid and Virtual)

APPLY NOW! CALL for Conference Proposals is OPEN!
Deadline for submissions – August 30, 2024.

Focusing on symbiotic senses as a key perspective, this year's festival and conference will explore its relation to extended cognition and collective intelligence ideas, calling for the urgent need for new visions, artistic and utopian projects in cultural evolution. The idea posits that symbiosis defines our existence, highlighting our complete interdependence on our environment and planetary system.

We welcome proposals by interdisciplinary researchers, artists, artists-researchers, designers, Ph.D. students, curators, media theorists, art historians, science philosophers, cultural innovators, critical engineers as well as scientists from different fields.

If you are interested in an on-site or virtual participation and contribution, please submit your proposals (a short abstract, keywords and bio) for the RIXC Festival / Open Fields conference via the OpenConf system (find 'Make Submission' link below the description) related to the following topics:

* sensing machines and artificial life
* extended cognition and externally sensory systems
* symbiotic sciences and collective intelligence
* nature cultures and naturally-artificial environments

The proposal should consist of the title, 5–6 keywords, abstract (up to 200 words), and biography (up to 120 words, in the 'Comments' field).

OPEN FIELDS 2024 Conference Chairs and SYMBIOTIC SENSE(S) Exhibition Curators:
Rasa SMITE, Raitis SMITS (Latvia).

The RIXC Festival is produced by The RIXC Centre for New Media Culture.


Support: State Culture Capital Foundation of Latvia, Riga City Council, Creative Europe program in the framework of the EMAP Expanded project, the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Latvia



Review and Program Committees:



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